Welcome to the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Centre.

I’m Mollie – and I’m here to help you become a healthier, more active person.

We focus on diet plans, lifestyle changes and fitness projects that can make you feel better every single day. We know starting out is tough – running those first few miles or refusing those lovely fish and chips is really difficult!

On this website – you’ll learn how to change your lifestyle slowly but surely. You’ll end up feeling healthier, more energetic and above all, happier!

Yate Diet Centre

Why Use This Site?

  • This is a free resouce.
  • Our professional experience means we’re well placed to give advice on diet programs, workout regiemes and meal choices.
  • We have all changed our lifestyles! That means we’re unique placed to tell you about the challenges you’ll face dieting, why you’ll need to stick with it even why times get tough and how you can make the transition into your new lifestyle much more smooth.
  • We also have a Facebook page and Twitter account that you can follow for more information.

What can I Learn from This Site?

  • Which diet plan is right for you – and how best to approach a diet in order to stick to it!
  • How the latest ‘juice diet’ might be right for you … or might not. (If you don’t already have a juicer machine I suggest you check out this list of the best juicers available at different prices.)
  • The latest fitness products that will help you on your journey.
  • Recipes for meals, drinks and snacks that will help you get where you want tobe.
  • How to really commit to changing your life. We don’t just write about products and techniques, we also write about personal mentality and how to improve your outlook.
  • How you can help others with their progression! If we’ve helped you at all with any of our articles, don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section at the bottom of every page!

Who is Mollie Gould?

Mollie is the founder and editor of Yate Diet and Nutrition centre.

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying your visit to my website.

I’ve come a long way from being nearly 4 stone overweight 2 years ago to being completely happy with my weight and body shape now!

As I was struggling with ridiculous diets and crazy requirements for fitness regiemes, I called on the support of my friends and family. With that, I was given a second wind. I really pushed on and managed to start dropping the pounds much easier.

That’s why I wanted to create this website. We know dieting is tough right? (At least I hope you do … or you’re in for a shock!) But I believe that by helping others with their journey you’ll get the inspiration you need to carry on with your own!

Having a support network is so so so important.

That’s the simple reason behind this site. I’m currently training to be a nutritionist and I want to share that journey with you!

I want you all to feel like you’ve got the support you need to achive what you want – whether that’s losing weight, increasing your fitness levels, or switching to a healthier diet.

Not only support from me – but the entire community that I hope will surround this site!

Thanks for taking the time to let me introduce myself – I hope you enjoy the site!


What should I read next?

First of all how about reading the ‘Getting Started’ page.

It’ll introduce you to the most important articles on the site, including an introduction to nutrition, an article on common diet programmes and a recommended workout regieme to get started on your journey.

We hope you enjoy the site everyone! Don’t forget to contact us if you’ve got any feedback!

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