Online Polls

Whether we like it or not, today’s world is all about the ratings. From your favorite movie to that latest post you made on twitter, polls are the winning approach to collect public opinion. Have you ever noticed how there’s almost no social media app in the world right now that doesn’t have some form of “Like” or “Share” button?

That’s because these apps know you have a constant craving for validation. We always want to give our opinions on the different events happening around us and there’s no better way to do this than creating flash polls. So next time you want to aggregate the thoughts of your employees or friends, try these apps and see the power of an online poll.


With 140 characters to put down your question, twitter has made online polls snappy and straight to the point. A poll can be conducted in a matter of minutes by clicking on the tiny poll icon at the bottom of the tweet. You also have the option of running the poll from a few minutes to an entire week.

Google Forms

This tool by Google offers you more options than Twitter. You can create polls in different ways insert multiple pages and analyze the data after you’re done. It comes with features like short answer, multiple choice, check boxes, and linear scale.


We wouldn’t say much about Facebook because the facts speak for themselves. Bottom line is the information you share on Facebook can be used against you. Hence the need for caution is paramount.